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in order to further display the style of yao businessmen in the new era, carry forward the spirit of yao businessmen who are "all in one's favor and all in the world" and set up a model of "being practical, innovative and willing to contribute", this year our city launched a new era of outstanding yao businessmen evaluation activities. on the morning of june 9, at the third world yao business congress, 20 outstanding yao businessmen of the new era were commended. among them are huang yuchang, chairman and general manager of ningbo dechang electric machinery manufacturing co., ltd. 

the chairman of your family, c is in the ascendant!

huang yuchang

only by constant exploration can we make continuous progress

huang yuchang is the chairman and general manager of ningbo dechang electric machinery manufacturing co., ltd. as the "helmsman" of the company, he has the courage to assume and innovate, to have a keen insight into the industry situation, to actively explore the development path suitable for the company, and to lead the company to grow continuously.

in 2002, huang yuchang registered and established ningbo dechang electric machinery manufacturing co., ltd. at the beginning of its establishment, the company mainly produces vacuum cleaner motor and other series motor. in order to broaden the development space of enterprises, in 2012, huang yuchang focused on the market of vacuum cleaners and decided to develop and produce vacuum cleaners. to this end, he recruited a number of professional and technical personnel and set up a new product development team. "we have independently developed a number of vacuum cleaner products, including a multi-functional household carpet cleaner, which integrates the functions of vacuum, cleaning and drying. the technology has reached the international leading level." huang yuchang introduced.

in order to adapt to the changing market environment, in 2017, the company upgraded its strategy again and began to develop eps brushless dc motor for automobiles. "this automobile steering motor production technology was previously controlled by japanese and german enterprises, domestic enterprises do not have production capacity. if this project is successful, it can change the dependence of domestic automobile industry on imports. with momentum, huang yuchang led the r&d team to rapidly invest in new product development. at present, the project invested 120 million yuan has entered the stage of small batch trial production.

"only by constant exploration can we make continuous progress." in addition to vacuum cleaners and automobile steering motors, huang yuchang led the company into the beauty and hairdressing market last year. hair dryers, heaters and other products have begun mass production this year and become a new economic growth point for enterprises.

at the same time, the company has supported a large number of local suppliers in yuyao, and promoted the development of local economy. "in the past, 90% of our suppliers were outside the country, and now 70% of our suppliers are local." huang yuchang said.

updated date:2019-06-15