【investment risk case 1 -利来国际w66

an equity investment fund company in the north was established in july 2010. after that, the company spread on the internet that "the company has a certain county government specially granted tax exemption for 5 years; it has the priority to choose projects recommended by the government; it enjoys 10 times the custodian bank. support, under normal circumstances, the bank's support for the entrusted enterprise is 3-5 times, and the foreign country is 10 times; the county government will give the company full authority to clean up, pack, list, sell and other false information , in the name of investment and wealth management, using high interest rates as bait to illegally absorb public deposits. as of the case, the amount involved was as high as 1.278 billion yuan, involving 8,964 investors from 30 provinces and cities across the country.

after investigation by the local public security organ, the company colluded with an accounting firm, issued a false capital verification report, and carried out industrial and commercial registration; violated the relevant regulations that equity investment funds cannot be recruited to the public, and disseminated information to the public on the internet; used false propaganda to fabricate facts. , deceive the public; promise high fixed returns, monthly interest ranging from 6% to 10%; and have not yet formed investment income, repay the people involved in advance.

at present, the case has been settled. the principal offender, han moumou, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of 1 million yuan for the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits and falsely reporting registered capital; million. all those involved have started serving their sentences.

in view of the frequent occurrence of various criminal cases related to illegal private equity fund activities and the large number of victims, we remind investors that when investing, they should fully understand whether the registration, filing, fundraising, and investment operations of private equity funds comply with the securities and exchange commission. investment fund law, interim measures for the supervision and administration of private investment funds and other relevant laws and regulations, don't be fooled by false propaganda, you should improve your ability to prevent and recognize fraud, invest prudently, and prevent problems before they happen.

updated date:2022-09-14